Picture of this old house was published on the cover page of “Suvarta” October 2004 issue. This old house brings a lot of fond memories. It reminder of simpler days when life revolved around agriculture, family, church and modesty was the norm. People worked hard and rarely traveled out of the region. Unfortunately, like all old things including our culture that seems to be disappearing, houses like this are only in memory and in pictures. These houses were shared by extended families living together. In this picture, two families are seen going about their daily chores, woman on the left seen grinding rice using stone wheels called Jata (जाता). Woman on the right is peeling val (वाल) and putting the val beans in a bamboo woven hoopda (हूपडा). Many thanks to artist Ernest Rodrigues for the presenting the house in great detail.

Old House depicting Village life. Suvarta© October 2004