MUSIC – South Vasai

This music comes from our South Vasai Community also known as the Vadval community. There are slight differences in speech dialect and the way the Vadval community used to dress. Vadval community was known to be more fun loving than the more conservative Kupari community. The music highlights some of the slight speech dialect differences.

MUSIC – North Vasai – Nandakhal

Folk Songs from Nandakhal or Kupari songs are rarely heard as lifestyles have changed. These songs express life, such as the time for the bride to leave her home and go to her husbund’s home – the father’s expression of love and goodbye, time when women went to fetch hay or feed for cows and bullocks – being a agrarian society, time of the first shave of the groom – as boys got married very young, when daughter returns home after monsoon plantations of rice and other various occasions. (Click on the song link to play song as streaming Mp3 music – might take a few seconds to load files)

MUSIC – Wedding Band

Wedding bands played at weddings and celebrations.

Religious Songs

Religion plays a big cohesive force in bringing and keeping the community together. Here are some religious songs.