People of Vasai

Red or clothes that had red color was the color of choice for clothes that were worn by Vasai people. Women in South Vasai – from Vadval community wore red lugda (लुगडा) with white choli (सोळी), where as the Kupari women wore red lugda with red choli. The cloth of the lugda was woven on handlooms in Ramedy (रमेदी). It had a special checkered design and silver colored border. Men wore dhoti with shirt and kabja (कब्जा) and a red cap (तांबडी टोपी).

My great grand mother circa early 1970’s. Widows wore silver bracelets as you see her wearing instead of glass bangles. ~1974
My grand mother circa early 1970’s
My aunt – Marybai circa 1965
Vasai woman dressed in Kumbharwada (कुंमभारवाडा) style.
Jakya Kaka (जाक्या काका) from Gass (गास) Village – Original kupari men that wear the Red Cap (ताबडी टोपी). This was typical of what men wore. (Dec 2001)
Kupari (कुपारी) couple
Kupari (कुपारी) women of Nandakhal
Farmer returning with harvested produce. Shoulder pole used to carry the two baskets is called kavad (कावड). Sickle in the left hand is called aale (अेळी)
Girls dressed Kupari clothes
Koli (कोळी) women of Arnala, circa 1965

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